Moving office.

My first year in practice i rented space from lawyer robert lee ogle. my next year i rented from lawyer pete hailey. they were both WWII vets and are both now long gone. my next 12 years i was at 101 bruce street, first in a space-sharing arrangement, then in a partnership. i left that address almost 3 years ago, leaving somewhat suddenly--if i am honest. i went to 248 bruce street to the "sharp & ripley" building. it is a beautiful and very functional building, but after 3 years i have decided that it is time to be back on the court house square. so, as of this week, i am back.



August 17, 2016

So, my once-every-year-or-so blog post. I am still doing most of the same practice areas. I am scheduled to go to a CLE (continuing legal education) on my mediation certification in October. I am helping as many people as i can, and i am feeding my family. Today, though, was not a fun day. Mr. Ross B. Gray and I were law students together for the two years our education overlapped and were law partners for 10 years. We had his funeral this morning. He was exactly 29 days younger than i am. At his death he was 42 years old. This is wrong and unfair....but cancer doesn't care. It was a 8 month slide from initial onset of noticable  symptoms. I did one of the eulogies and got through it--though it was tough. I am glad I did it, though. He loved the law and loved the fight up to the last and am glad that the cancer took his body without taking his mind. He will be missed. I knew him for 19 years. Much as i always loved him (in the brotherly christian sense) and only sometimes hated him, I have a real hard time imagining a world without him. Rest in Peace, buddy.

about one year later.

well, i guess the blog thing hasn't taken off yet. i am not necessarily giving up though. after a year in my own space and back to being a solo lawyer i am very pleased with how things are going. i just need to get in the habit of blogging. at least, i think i do. i got on here to do some edits and add a section on mediation, so check that out...when i get it up. maybe this morning. possibly.

A first blog post.

When I say that this is my first blog post, I mean that. I have never blogged before. I swear. Part of my job, though is handling new stuff and doing new things. Maybe I will post things here regularly. Maybe I will tell funny or interesting (or both) lawyer stories. Maybe I won't.