If you have been through the trial court process, the trial is over and the decision was not what it should have been, you have the right to appeal. Criminal cases go to the Court of Criminal Appeals; civil cases go to the Court of (Civil) Appeals. At this point, you need to have an attorney write THE BRIEF. The brief is the document--20, 30, 40 pages--that explains to the judges at the Appellate Court why the trial court was wrong. It explains the mistakes that were made in trial and how those mistakes changed the outcome of the trial. Analyzing the trial, doing the legal research, and writing the brief is not an easy job. A lot of lawyers do not like doing appellate work. I actually enjoy the process of trying to organize the issues and make the arguments that need to be made. I am glad to talk to you about your potential appeal, but be careful--appeals must be filed within a certain number of days after trial (10 days in some cases and 30 days in other cases) so do not wait too late.